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Manage Your Ecosystem

You Ecosystem is a key asset for you in managing and growing your business in the Digital Economy and Connected World. On the other hand, it can incur risks as well as costs, so you need to manage it in order to be able to focus on your customers and their success. It is a complex task to cooperate with other companies involving multiple knowledge areas, so you need a plan, structure and skills to manage your ecosystem effectively.

Finding better ways to Manage your Ecosystem

This Blog together with the Resources section of this website will provide you with insights and tips & tricks in better management of your Ecosystem. The Blog will focus on topics such as Business Cooperation and Negotiations but also on the Digital World. It will be links to articles with comments and references to experiences made.

Learn more about Business Cooperation

You can also find a baseline on Business Cooperation in the Business Cooperation section. In this section you can find a suggested structure on business relationships as well as an an approach to prepare, plan, set-up and manage your relationships.