Hands on Business Cooperation Agree & Setup Relationship

Negotiations – Business Cooperation

When adding a Business Cooperation to your business, you also add negotiations. This shouldn’t be anything dramatic since you in your business negotiate all the time: with customers, suppliers and your employees. With your business partner you need to set up a relation, so you can rely upon that you together with the partner have the same goal to satisfy the customers. Depending on who is prime towards the customer, it is important to take the lead to secure the investment made in customer satisfaction.

Learning and Understanding Your Partner

The best advice is to use the negotiations to learn and understand your Partner candidate better so you know that you can trust them later when the business get going. Getting a quick yes, or demanding specific set-up with out listening properly to the other party will only lead to a difficult situation later which could be critical for your relation with your customers.

Some explicit advice

Get Nos to Understand


Let’s Argue About It

Interesting and useful article from strategy+business on how to achieve a common ground or agree to disagree

5 Steps to Master the Art of Negotiation

This description on steps to take to set up the relationship in the Entrepreneur is a good one: 5 Steps to Master the Art of Negotiation.