Win-Win Relationship

win-win relationship ecosystem

Work together for a common goal

How do you secure that you get the most effort to please your customer if you have a Partner involved in the experience? Do you favor the stick and spending time and effort in the court if required? Or do you prefer the carrot?

The intuitive answer to this is of course the carrot or in business language talk: a Win-Win Relationship.

How do you get to the relationship where both parties feels that they are winning?

It doesn’t just happen, you need to think it through and plan for it.

Prepare for the relationship

You need to look at your Business Operational Model to understand how you can structure it, so that part of the gains as well as risks can be shared with the other party. It is important to note that also risks needs to be shared, otherwise it isn’t a win-win relationship. You must also understand how to manage the gains and risks in day-to-day operation to secure a simple setup.

You need also to scan and check potential partners so you can find good candidates that would agree upon a win-win relationship including risk sharing in addition to other key criteria.

Setting up the relationship

When you start negotiate the agreement, you need to secure that you as well as the candidate partner understand what the key elements in the relationship are including the win-win setup and the common ground to be secured. If you can’t agree, agree to disagree and walk away.

If you are in agreement, get the agreement signed and start the relationship with a first common project to get to the first win-win situation, for instance a market launch or a first customer win.

Manage the relationship

You need to monitor the relationship so that you know that the business outcome is according to the wanted and agreed objective. If you need to adjust or to start any corrective action, be ready to do so.

Additional aspects on Win-Win Relationship

Some more aspects to bear in mind for your Business Cooperation

Some explicit advice

Very good advice about how to behave in an ecosystem.

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The benefits of using an ecosystem where you apply win-win relationship.

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