Prepare Your Company for a Business Cooperation

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Prepare Your Company for a Business Cooperation?

Why do I need to prepare for a Business Cooperation? Surely it must be enough if it feels good and the other company seems to be good guys?

Well the answer is that your Business Cooperation is most likely done with the purpose to support your Business Objectives. In addition you must be able to communicate and explain the Business Cooperation both internally and externally to your customers. Thirdly you want to add the Business Cooperation to your Operational Model in a simple and quick way. In summary all this points to that you need to prepare your company for a Business Cooperation.

Let us look into some aspects what you need to cover preparing for a Business Cooperation.

Prepare for Business Cooperation Aspects


When you consider Business Cooperation as a strategy to reach your Business Objectives, you need to be explicit about what the Cooperation should bring. Is it lower risks and costs, larger portfolio, solution marketing or enhancing your Technology Story. Each of these cases put different requirements on your Operational Model.

Value Chain

You need also to understand the Business Value Chain for your selected business relationships. What requirements and risks will this impose upon the Business Cooperation. In particular the Terms and Conditions you have in your business are important to secure.

Supply Chain

Depending on the selected business relationships, you may need to add and manage more Supply Flows. These Supply Flows are critical to get paid by your Customers and thus protecting your Cash Flow. Your Operational Model needs to cater for these Flows.

Support & Services

For all products sold through your company, you need to secure the expected Support and other Services required. Your Operational Model consequently needs to be adapted to fit the flows required. In addition you need to plan for how to secure the required Knowledge. Should you go for a purchase case by case or do a knowledge transfer and run it on your own?


Preparing for Business Cooperation will help you to manage the activities to support your Business Objectives. Additionally it will offer a Structure and Guidance for your activities in a dynamic and complex environment. Thus help you lowering costs, minimizing confusion and managing risks.

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