Video Blog: Business Cooperation

Video Blog - Business Cooperation Part I First part of two video clips describing briefly the plan and structure to secure the Business Cooperations in your Ecosystem to achieve your Business Objectives in the Digital Economy and Connected World. The first part talks about the need for a plan and structure prepare your company for … Continue reading Video Blog: Business Cooperation

Business Cooperation Soft Stuff

Business Cooperation Soft Stuff

Cooperate with another Company – The Soft Stuff! There are quite a few things to keep in mind when managing a business cooperation. You have to decide on Business relationship, Roles and Responsibilities, Risks and mitigation. All of these matters are though quite straight forward once you have decided. But it doesn’t end there! You … Continue reading Business Cooperation Soft Stuff

Prepare Your Company for a Business Cooperation

Hands on Business Cooperation Prepare

Prepare Your Company for a Business Cooperation? Why do I need to prepare for a Business Cooperation? Surely it must be enough if it feels good and the other company seems to be good guys? Well the answer is that your Business Cooperation is most likely done with the purpose to support your Business Objectives. … Continue reading Prepare Your Company for a Business Cooperation