Manage Relationship

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Manage Relationship Managing the relationship, is together with the exploring candidates to find a match to your Business Value Chain for the Cooperation, are the most important activities. Managing the relation will secure your Business Objectives with the Cooperation over time. The activity will require some effort to be run. Once you have the first … Continue reading Manage Relationship

Map Partners Business Cooperation

Map Partners Business Cooperation

Map Partners in your Business Cooperation If you are in the situation that you have a number of companies you work with in various different capabilities and purposes, probably it could be a good move to map your Partners into your Business Model Network. It will visualize your dependencies and position towards the other companies, … Continue reading Map Partners Business Cooperation

Why Manage the Relationship

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Why Manage the Relationship in a Business Cooperation? Why do I need to Manage the Relationship in a Business Cooperation? We agreed everything when we setup the Relationship. Well the answer is that the Business Cooperation you just setup represents a significant investment with the purpose to support your Business Objectives. Thus this investment will … Continue reading Why Manage the Relationship