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Hands on Business Cooperation Setting up
Setting up a Business Cooperation

Addition of a 'Manage your Ecosystem Blog'! Business Cooperation Ecosystem

You may have noticed that since a couple of days back the site has a blog. The purpose of the blog is in addition to the resources found on the site, add additional learning in managing your ecosystem through posts with inspiration and suggestions. The blog also opens up the possibility to leave a comment.

You can also contact us through the Contact Form.

You can find the blog in the top row on the website between 'Our Services' and 'News'.

2016-06-17: Want to know how to organize your cooperation with a Partner effectively? Check out this Guide in the Resource Section:

Resource Section: Guide Business Cooperation - Roles & Teams

Guide Roles Team Business Cooperation
Hands on Business Cooperation Advice Support
Hands on Business Cooperation

2016-03-24: The set of How to Guides for four different Business Relationships or Business Cooperation's are now complete with a guide and a video walk through for each of them. Check them out at the Video Section.

The Guides are:

How to set up a Technology Sourcing Cooperation

A traditional OEM Cooperation to include technology or a product into your product.

How to Set up a Reselling Cooperation

A traditional Reselling Cooperation to complement your offering.

How to set up a Market Cooperation

A Cooperation where you connect a product from another company to your product and story.

How to Set up a Technology Cooperation

A Cooperation where you connect a technology/product from another product to your Story.

2015-03-09: Today we offer two materials that we hope can help you when dealing with Business Cooperations. One video with a walk through of the Guide How to Setup a Technology Sourcing Cooperation (below left). We also publish the How to Guide on Setting up a Market Cooperation (below right).

If you have any comments or questions, we are eager to receive them through our Contact Form.

All videos including this one below left can be found in the Video Section.

Video walk through
Connect a product to your product & story video walk through

2016-02-17: A video offering the a walk through of the Guide How to Setup a Technology Cooperation is now available in the Video Section.

2016-02-05: Two Guides describing How to Setup Cooperations are available on Slideshare. The cases Reselling and Technology Cooperation are described.

In addition there is a Video offering a Walk through of the Reselling Cooperation.

Find out more at the Resources section.

More to be released soon.

2016-01-15: We start off the new year with the release of the final two video clips in the set discussing some aspects on Business Cooperation.

They are: Win-Win Relationship and Managing the Relationship. You can find them in the Resources section.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know through the Contact form. 

2015-12-22: Updates added to section Manage the Relationship in Business Cooperation as well as a post on setting up and negotiating the relationship in the Resources section. Finally and not the least a Season's Greeting from us to All of You!

Manage the Relationship

A Key activity to secure the Business Objectives with the Relationship! 

Read more at: Manage the Relationship!

Setting up and negotiating the Relationship

This description on steps to take to setup the relationship I found in the Entrepreneur is a good one: 5 Steps to Master the Art of Negotiation.

Please remember also that the negotiation style in different cultures varies:  Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da - HBR.

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2015-12-10: New updates in two different sections of the site:

Business Cooperation - Agree & Setup: Additional information regarding the agreement negotiation and initial setup of the relationship added.

Two more short video clips added to the Resources section describing some aspects of Business Cooperation with respect to "Understanding the Business Value Chain" and "What to Keep in Mind - Risks?".

2015-12-07: New updates on Business Cooperation - Explore Candidates section and Resources:

  1. Business Cooperation - Explore Candidates: Matching your partner is crucial in setting up a cooperation. There are more aspects than just a good product.
  2. Resources: Interesting video presentation on the Smart Product and the ecosystem required.

2015-11-27: Two short video clips added to the Resources section. These video clips are the first two (Introduction and Topic #1 - Digital Economy) of six video clips discussing some  aspects on Business Cooperation in the Digital Economy and Connected World.

To check them out please go here: Link to Resources Section

2015-11-19: Our web site is up and running and we are posting material to the site - this week to the Resources Section. Please feel free to check it out: Link