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Two good articles on Business Manners around the world. Very good advice and it's still a local business!

Business Manners - Credit: Raconteur
Business Manners - Credit: Entreprenuer


Managing the Relationship of the companies in your ecosystem is crucial to your strategy using Business Cooperation to support your Business Objectives. Here is a good report from Business Sweden on the importance of working smart and closer to your distributors:

Dare Your Distributors - Five Steps To Active Distributor Management

Furthermore the report stresses also that it is important to be in control of your business cooperations. That is you should prepare and carefully select the companies you want to work with and that matches your criteria.

You are also invited to explore our Business Cooperation section.

2016-06-16: A video offering a walk through of the Guide 'Roles & Teams to support your Business Cooperation'  is now available in the Videos Section. The Video length is 8 minutes.

The Guide can be found here: Learn more!

Guide Roles Team Business Cooperation

2016-03-24: A video offering a walk through of the Guide How to Setup a Market Cooperation is now available in the Video Section. The length is 4 minutes.

2016-03-09: A video offering a walk through of the Guide How to Setup a Technology Sourcing Cooperation is now available in the Video Section. It is a slightly new format offering a more personal walk through. The length is 8 minutes.

2016-03-08: A How to Guide for case of a Market Cooperation is now available.

How to Setup a Market Cooperation

Connect a product to your product & story video walk through

2016-02-24: A How to Guide for the case of Technology Sourcing Cooperation is now available.

How to Setup a Technology Sourcing Cooperation

2016-02-17: Since we believe there are many opportunities in the Digital Economy that will be based upon Business Cooperation between companies, Wise Hand Consulting is operating a mini blog on its G+ Site - Digital Agenda. Please feel free to check it out!

We have also  updated the Video Section with the Walk through of how to setup a Technology Cooperation, Length: 4 minutes.

2016-02-05: A set of How To Guides on setting up different cooperations is available on Slideshare. The first two of four can be checked out today. They cover Reselling and Technology Cooperation.

Today there is also a Video available offering a Walk through of the Reselling Cooperation Guide. Length: 5 minutes. It can be found in the Video Section.

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How to Setup a Reselling Cooperation
How to setup a Technology Cooperation

2016-01-18: A couple of additional input for your inspiration - this time on Negotiation and forming a Business Partnership.

Some good material on understanding your counterpart (1) and how to achieve the common ground for an Agreement (2).

Very good article from HBR on understanding your counterpart before the negotiation: Cultural Differences Are More Complicated than What Country You’re From

Interesting and useful article from strategy+business on how to achieve a common ground or agree to disagree: Let’s Argue About It

On what ground should you select your partner for your business? Find out here: Don’t Base Business Partnerships on Personal Chemistry. Similarity is of course a good base but maybe not only on the personal chemistry between the two leaders.

Credit: HBR

2016-01-15: The final two video clips in the set on Business Cooperation:

  1. Win-Win Relationship, Topic # 4 [Length 3 min]
  2. Managing the Relationship, Topic #5 [Length 3 min]
Win-Win Relationship
Managing the Relationship

For a look at the whole set go to this Videos page.

2015-12-17: Updates added to section Manage the Relationship in Business Cooperation as well as a post on setting up and negotiating the relationship.

Manage the Relationship

A Key activity to secure the Business Objectives with the Relationship! 

Read more at: Manage the Relationship!

Setting up and negotiating the Relationship

This description on steps to take to setup the relationship I found in the Entrepreneur is a good one: 5 Steps to Master the Art of Negotiation.

Please remember also that the negotiation style in different cultures varies:  Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da - HBR.

2015-12-09: Two new video clips covering some additional topics in Business Cooperation are availble:

  1. Understanding the Business Value Chain, Topic 2 [ Length: 3 mins]
  2. What to Keep in Mind - Risks?, Topic #3 [Length: 3 mins] 
Understand the Business Value Chain
What to Keep in Mind - Risks

2015-12-04: I found this interesting piece on the Digital Economy and Connected World by Cognizant supported by the Economist Intelligence Unit on the Smart Products era. It's a 11 minute video presentation and in addition to connected products and intelligent data use it also embraces the ecosystem  with cooperating companies that needs to be set up.

2015-11-27: Please find these two short video clips with some aspects on and inspiration to your Business Cooperation activities!

  1. Introduction clip presenting five topics that will be discused - Length: 3 min
  2. Business Cooperation in the Digital Economy (First topic) - Length 2 min
Introduction clip presenting five topics
Business Cooperation in the Digital Economy

2015-11-24: When you set-up a business relationship with a Partner, what shall you have in mind with respect to the tone in this relationship?

In my experiences most of the times you are most favoured if you keep in mind that you one common customer you need to take care of and the relationship is not just one off. Sticking to a win-win relationship and at the same time being clear on what you expect them deliver and monitor their performance is a good strategy going foward.

Some additional insights and inspiration can be found in this article from the Entrepreneur: 3 Tips to Develop a Balanced Supplier-Vendor Relationship

2015-11-19: How do you know with whom you plan to work with? It is also important to regulary check your Partner during your cooperation so that you will not end up in some bad surprise and experience. And of course you should also be prepared to allow your Partner to vet you.

This article from the Entrepreneur will give you some aspects:

Do You Choose Your Vendors as Carefully as You Do a New Hire?

A basic tool to visualize your Business Offering and all its main components - The Business Canvas!

For more details - check Strategyzer at Link

Credit: Straegyzer
The Business Model Canvas!